Surrounded by majestic redwoods, Curbstone Valley Farm is nestled in a serene valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains, along California's central coast.

We raise much of our own food on the farm, from organically grown heirloom fruits and vegetables, to fresh eggs from our heirloom poultry, raw honey from the bees in our apiary, and fresh goat's milk from our small, friendly, herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Although much of the milk is turned into cheese, butter, and ice cream, we also use the milk in our handcrafted goat's milk soaps.

We never use powdered, or purchased, milks to make our soaps, nor do we dilute our milk with water. As such, there may be brief periods during the year, especially in late winter to early spring, were some soap products may be of limited availability. This is due to the limited availability of milk on the farm when the does are awaiting the arrival of their new spring kids.

Note that each soap batch is individually hand crafted. Although we strive for consistency, there may be a slight variation in size, color, or fragrance between batches of soap, and no two bars of soap will necessarily be identical. This is your assurance that every soap we make is handcrafted. We do, however, strive to portray our soaps listed in the store as accurately as possible.

Many of our soaps contain beeswax, harvested from our organically raised bees on the farm, and some also contain farm fresh raw honey, herbs, or flowers grown organically on the farm.

We offer three kinds of goat milk soap for sale. An all natural, unscented soap, with extra shea butter, for those with more sensitive skin types.

We also offer soap scented with essential oils, or essential oil blends, for those seeking an all natural, lightly fragranced soap.

In addition, we also handcraft some soaps using fragrance oils. The product page for each soap will state whether that soap is unscented, scented with essential oils, or fragrance oils, to help you find exactly what you are looking for.