Curing Rack

Below is a hint of what is to come. This is a list of new soaps that are either soon to be in production, or on the curing rack, but not yet fully cured. Once the soaps are cured, they will be available in the store.

For soaps on the curing rack, estimated availability dates are listed below, but may be subject to change depending on the rate of cure. If a cured product does not meet our quality control standards, the product will be removed from inventory, and a new estimated date of availability will be posted.

FO denotes the soap is scented with a fragrance oil or fragrance and essential oil blend. Soaps denoted with EO are fragranced only with pure essential oils.

Coming Soon:

  • Matcha Green Tea (FO) - Early Feb 2019
  • Moroccan Mint Tea (FO) - Early Feb 2019
  • Spiced Red Tea (FO) - Early Feb 2019
  • Blackberry Sage (FO) - Early Feb 2019
  • Kitchen Meyer Lemon (FO) - Early Feb 2019
  • Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (FO) - Early Feb 2019 
  • Lavender Provence (EO) - Mid Feb 2019
  • Red d'Anjou Pear (FO) - Mid Feb 2019
  • Crisp Apple Rose (FO) - Mid Feb 2019
  • Unscented - Early Mar 2019
  • Neroli & Shea Blossom (FO) - Late Mar 2019
  • Birchwood (FO) - Late Mar 2019 
  • Clover & Aloe (FO) - Late Mar 2019
  • Panache Fig (FO) - Late Mar 2019
  • Cucumber Melon (FO) - Early Apr 2019