The Goats

Nigerian Dwarf goats are the smallest of the recognized dairy goat breeds in the United States. They are affectionate, endlessly entertaining, and each has a unique, and endearing personality. Our herd is so much more than mere livestock. Each individual animal is a cherished member of our extended farm family.

In addition to their winning personalities, Nigerian Dwarf goats produce some of the richest, and most flavorful, milk of any dairy goat breed. The creamy milk produced by our goats has become an important staple in the farm's kitchen for handcrafted cheeses.

Despite being small in stature, these goats produce a remarkable volume of milk each season, and we often find ourselves with a little extra. Fortunately, the milk is perfect for making luxuriant goat milk soaps.

If you keep goats, you know that good herd management is essential for quality milk production. As the welfare of our animals is always our first priority, there may be periods in the year when some of our soaps may not be available. This may occur while we allow our does to take a much deserved break from milking before the next season's milking begins, or while we attend to the needs of their newborn kids in the spring.

If a soap is temporarily unavailable, for any reason, it will be clearly stated on the product page, and we'll endeavor to post anticipated restocking dates whenever possible. Check the curing rack page to see upcoming soaps that are currently in production.

We acknowledge that we live in a society where volume production, and instant gratification is commonplace. However, to make truly handcrafted, natural, soaps, takes time. We craft in small batches, with the best ingredients available, and each batch of soap takes weeks to cure before it is available for sale. As such, all of our soaps are limited in quantity, and availability, but in our opinion, that is what makes them special. We hope that you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy crafting them.